Kate Southward is a self-awareness facilitator who helps individuals to explore the nature of their experience, enhance their wellbeing and improve the quality of their most important relationships.  Through movement, breath and refined attention, Kate's guidance can lead to greater equanimity in both the body and mind. 

Originally studying at Victoria University in Wellington Kate completed an Arts degree with a double major in English Literature and Film before going on to train as a secondary school teacher.  Through-out her early twenties Kate experienced prolonged bouts of anxiety which negatively impacted her experience in many ways.  Eventually this culminated in a life changing moment, where on hitting 'rock bottom' Kate was introduced to the ancient practices of Hatha yoga and meditation. 

In 2012 Kate completed 750hrs of yoga therapy teacher training with one of her mentors Mark Breadner in Sydney, Australia.  This has branched on to her further practice and study of various energy healing and self-enquiry practices, including the study of non-duality, psychotherapy, body work and most recently Tai Chi.  Kate's yoga methodology has been inspired and curated by many great practices, including Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative and Yoga Nidra practices. 

A mother of three young children, Kate predominantly works with women within her practice, guiding women to re-enter their bodies and reclaim their true, inate energy and wisdom.